Veranova Home

Waffle Warmth Throw Blanket


Veranova Home 100% Cotton Waffle Woven and Hand-Sewn Throw Blanket — an introduction to the lasting grace of comfort and craftsmanship. Apply a carefully crafted cushion that offers a blend of eco-friendly design and unparalleled softness to your living space. Veranova Home is committed to sustainability. Waffle Warmth Throw blanket is ensuring you enjoy a comfortable and mindful lifestyle with 100% cotton Every throw blanket is sewn by hand with precision and care, making it a unique work of art. Made from 100% premium cotton, this blanket provides a soft, breathable and comfortable experience. Perfect for a relaxing evening on the sofa or as a lovely addition to your bedroom. Whether draped over your sofa, folded under your bed, or used as an extra on a cold night, this throw blanket integrates seamlessly into any living space , and provides versatile comfort. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging.